Setting up your username and password

An email was sent to you prompting you to validate your account. You will receive a second email after you validate the account with a temporary password; follow the link to login and click on profile to reset your password.

FBC Connect web address – You can sign into your account from our FBC Summerfield mobile app as well.

We recommend bookmarking the page or adding a link to your desktop.

Updating your Profile & Privacy Level

Add a Photo to your profile.

Click on the profile circle with you initals at the top right side of the page.

Choose Profile from the submenu.

Click on the browse button below the circle your initials.

Select a picture of yourself from a computer file and click add. Because FBC Connect will serve as our church directory and database, it is important and helpful to have a picture that clearly shows your face.

Verify Contact Information

Click on the Contact Info tab; if you need to make corrections, please do so and remember to click save.

Change Your Privacy Settings (This determines the information other users can see)

Click on the Permissions tab; adjust the settings and click save when done (We encourage people to keep their info viewable by Leaders and Groups as this will provide the best environment for church engagement).

Change Notifications Preferences (This determines the type and frequency of notifications you will receive)

Click on Notifications tab; add a check mark to the notifications you perfer to receieve and remember to click save.

Update Giving Method

If you are going to be participating in online giving to FBC Summerfield, click on the Credit Card icon and choose My Donations from the submenu.  From there click on Manage Payment Methods to update your giving method.  Giving is also available in our mobile app and through Text to Give by texting the word GIVE to 000-000-0000.

Please note that FBC Connect is an online community for members and attendees who are 13 years of age and older; we encourage each person to have their own login.